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Stay in a private, character studio cabin at The Floating Forest and we promise you:

Deep, easy relaxation. You’re surrounded by forest, all you can hear is nature. Let it all fall away and find your inner self.

Comfort. The physical comfort of modern, full equipped accommodation – and the spiritual comfort of an open fire, a spectacular sunset over the estuary and the chance to reconnect with something more fundamental than the stresses of daily life.

Memorable things to do. The Floating Forest feels likes it’s worlds away, but we’re not much more than a kilometre from beautiful Denmark with its cafes, shops and interesting people. You can bush walk, take a wildflower tour or a winery tour, ride a horse or a mountain bike or a wave, soak up the sun on pristine beaches like Greens Pool and Elephant Rock, snorkel or scuba dive, go whale watching, take the Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants.

You can let yourself go a little and try one of our wellness services, including  massage, beauty treatments mindfulness coaching and the ultimate relaxation and self-discovery of floating.

Who cares? Actually, we do.  We’ve developed The Floating Forest, poured our lives into it, to give our guests a memorable experience of de-stressing, revitalising and reconnecting with their true selves: when our guests take something of that away with them, that’s what it’s really all about for us.

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